EMDR Intensives

Experience rapid, accelerated and profound healing to achieve transformative breakthroughs

EMDR Intensives are designed for individuals who have or are experiencing emotional disturbances such as depressive symptoms, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, confidence or performance issues and phobias etc, and seek an accelerated and concentrated approach to target and address symptoms in a shorter timeframe than traditional therapy.

It is suitable for those who desire faster results, have limited availability and prefer immersive therapy to make significant breakthroughs and lasting change in a shorter timeframe.

EMDR Intensives offers a personalised treatment plan which enables faster symptom reduction of triggers, limiting beliefs and emotions impacting on self with confidence and self-esteem, personal growth and resilience, obstacles and feeling ‘stuck’, self-regulating emotions, self-image and in relationships in general.

  • Trauma-Related Disorders: including acute stress disorder, attachment trauma, or developmental trauma.
  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Depression
  • Emotional Disturbances: EMDR Intensives can address a range of emotional disturbances, including grief, loss, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, anger, and unresolved emotional issues.
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Performance Enhancement for Athletes, Artists and Business Executives, such as growth in public speaking, leadership, sports etc by addressing limiting beliefs and past negative experiences.
  • Phases of Life Transitions such as divorce, career changes and retirement, and loss of a loved one.



How does EMDR Intensives work?

EMDR involves a structured and evidence-based approach that combines focused therapy sessions with bilateral stimulation techniques. These techniques can include eye movements and/or tactile stimulation. By engaging in these techniques during therapy, you can reprocess distressing memories, reduce emotional distress, and integrate positive beliefs. The intensive therapy allows:

  • Rapid Healing: accelerates the healing process, helping you find relief from emotional pain and/or trauma more quickly.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: Through extended sessions, we can address multiple distressing events or complex issues in a shorter timeframe, providing a comprehensive therapeutic experience.
  • Increased Focus: Immersion in intensive therapy allows for sustained focus on your healing, enhancing the effectiveness of each session.
  • Continuity and Momentum: With consecutive days of therapy, you can maintain continuity and build momentum in your healing journey, maximising the therapeutic benefits.

Individual Package


The investment for the EMDR Intensive Package is $1750, with Medicare rebates reimbursed to clients with an eligible Mental Health Care Plan of up to $620.

  • Initial 15 min Free Discovery Call
  • Session one preparation, pre-assessment screening and questionnaires administered and interpreted
  • Program workbook and resourcing recording provided
  • 3 x 90 minute sessions
  • Session five post therapy check in

Follow on individual sessions are available if required